Oakland Trenchless Sewer Replacement

East Bay Sewer & Plumbing operates with trenchless sewer technology to replace old lines without difficulties of digging that a regular sewer or pipeline replacement may call for. Since a pipeline replacement without digging requires only an entry and exit hole, the rest of your landscaping will remain unharmed. The cost savings is a major benefit of this type of sewer repair.

We pride ourselves on being Oakland’s trenchless specialists, providing residential plumbing & trenchless solutions. Our no-dig techniques help owners review and assess their current pipes and plumbing, revealing if there are any sewer, drain issues that need to be addressed before they develop into more expensive problems.

Obstructions in sewer lines are usually caused by tree roots or debris. Trenchless sewer repair may be needed to clear tree roots or other debris. Initially, we’ll conduct a video inspection. This inspection will determine the cause of the sewer problem. While a damaged sewer line may need to be replaced, relining may be required to fix a faulty pipe. This process uses a special type of lining, which is placed within the broken pipe, sealing the damaged area. Relining can begin from an entrance, and continue through the whole sewer line.